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Software engineer. Data champion. AI enthusiast & critic. Art & design speak to me.
Porting my skills between disciplines has kept me on my toes while feeding my deep curiosity about how things work. Systems are my game, and that's eased transitions and perspective shifts.
Engineering research (academia & industry) > 10 years
Business strategy, operations, & external liaising > 6 years
Startups & small business (founder/operator/employee#16) > 10 years

University of Toronto BSc: Physics
University of Michigan PhD: Biomedical Engineering - Medical Imaging

Fast forward
Motivated, in part, by the promise of a broader scope of impact, I eventually found my way to working with the interwebs. My technical education and experience eased a transition to software engineering & AI research. I now spend time working across the stack and learning all things computer science-y; I also have a keen interest in ethics in relation to AI. Opportunities to work on feature-rich web apps, AI, security, and the software infrastructure that powers it all are most welcome.
Coordinating with a great team to accomplish meaningful objectives makes me happy. I jump at opportunities to learn from brilliantly insightful colleagues, and to contribute to goals which exceed the sum of their parts.

Participating on projects committed to maintaining psychological safety for all team members is a priority. It's heartening that data consistently shows that what's great for people is also great for projects!
Toy box
I'm grateful on a daily basis for the tremendous resources shared by the generous folks active in the open source community. A few of the tools I use regularly: Ruby, Python, React, Rails, Node.js, PostgreSQL. And I dabble in Go, Elixir, and Keras (on TensorFlow).
Long ago, I programmed in C; not quite as long ago, I used MATLAB extensively. For years, I worked with a variety of sensors and lasers. And, once upon a time, I used to create actual, tangible things in the woodshop, the electronics shop, the metalshop, and the darkroom.
Looking ahead
My professional interests converge on the artful interrogation and application of data. Topics on my radar include the future of artificial intelligence and the importance of data quality, contextualization, and security. My overarching objective is to lend my skills to projects with potential for widespread positive social impact.
Along those lines, I'm developing a platform to support small scale enterprises in tapping into the power of machine learning and AI. Ideally, it will be useful to social entrepreneurs and independent businesses. I'm grateful for the privilege of supporting others in their goals while pursuing my own.
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